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Personal Stories

My sister Pat’s daughter, Christen, is translating for doctors at the airport in Haiti.  She is there with her husband, who is a physician from St. Louis MO. They flew into Ft. Lauderdale on Friday Night with a medical team, spent the night in my sister Carol’s home, drove to Opa-Locka Executive Airport on Saturday Morning, and waited in the offices to get clearance to fly to Haiti.  Turnberry Aviation Jets (wonderful people!) flew all day yesterday shuttling doctors, nurses, food, water, medical Supplies, and other “necessities.”  I dropped off a half a truck’s worth of water, protein bars, baby wipes, and toilet paper (I referred to my supplies as “mommie” items).  My granddaughters, Cristina and Madison, took money out of their piggy banks to buy some of the supplies.  We told them how important it was to help, but also let them know that even though it looked like a lot of stuff, it was a drop of rain in the ocean.

The following is pieced together from texts sent to her parents last night:

We are in the medical tents set up at the airport and doctors and nurses have been working literally round the clock. People are still being found and brought in. People are so strong here it blows my mind. There is a really beautiful commitment among Haitians and foreigners here to help the people who are wounded.  Already I've heard stories that will haunt me and we've only been here hours. We are going to try to sleep a little to see what the next set of hours brings. We are well. Hopefully, more people are getting well. It looks like they are setting up an operating room here. That's good. They've already done a few amputations that were dire, but need to do lots more surgeries. I'm going to send this while we still have service.

Susan Marie Kairalla

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